Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Submitting Resumes

Q: I am sending a resume. Why do I need a cover letter?

A: Resumes are intended to highlight the essentials of your work and educational history, whereas cover letters translate that history, and your goals, to suit a particular opportunity. Successful cover letters let us know what about this opportunity, or what at this point in your career, really appeals to you. Highlight some of your most significant accomplishments to pique interest in your resume.

Q: I have submitted a resume and haven’t heard back. Should I re-submit it?

A: With the volume of resumes we receive, we don’t always get to speak to each applicant when they apply. It is a good idea to contact the recruiter who specializes in your field directly. E-mail addresses are listed on our staff page or call our office.

Q: Do you redo resumes?

A: While we do not redo resumes for applicants, we are pleased to offer some resume writing tips on our Sample Resumes page.

Questions About Job Postings

Q: I am looking for a new opportunity, but I don’t see the job for me on your website. Can I apply anyway?

A: Yes. We have new opportunities coming in every day. If you are not applying for a particular position, it is important that you let us know what kind of positions you would be open to. Please be sure to register with TCN so that we can best help you.

Q: I noticed a job on the site that has been there for a couple of months. How long does it take to fill a position?

A: It depends greatly on the details of each order, but if the job is still posted assume that it’s an active order. In most cases, the job is open until the perfect candidate is hired. If you’ve got the skills and experience for a listed position, we’d love to hear from you.

Questions about working with a recruiting firm such as The Creative Network, Inc.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is absolutely no charge to applicants for any part of the recruiting process. Recruiting fees are paid by our corporate clients, on a contingency or retainer basis.

Q: How long will it take before I can expect to be placed?

A: Our clients engage the services of a recruiter to find the best candidate for the position. We keep working on a position until that best candidate has been located. Placement process durations vary. Feel free to contact your recruiting specialist for status updates on the job order.

Q: I haven’t worked with a recruiter before and I’m worried about my boss finding out I’m looking at other positions. The company names don’t appear in your ads / website postings. How can I make sure my confidentiality is maintained?

A: When a client lists an order with us, we solicit candidates from a number of sources; we search our database of past applicants, advertise the position in newspapers and/or online, and we direct-recruit qualified people. If you’ve sent a resume and we shortlist you as a top candidate, we will do a screening with you, and further discuss the position with you. At that time, we will ensure that we have your permission to forward your resume, generally, we give you the company name at this point, although occasionally for reasons of utmost confidentiality we need to continue to withhold it.

A final word on confidentiality: make it explicit. Let us know which companies you would never want your resume forwarded to (this may include subsidiaries or clients of your company). When sending resumes in response to any advertisements or job postings, it is best not to include reference names and numbers for your current position. “References available upon request” on your resume will suffice.